Visualizing Algorithms with Python and Programmable LEDs

Pycon 2018

This talk is about the programmable LEDs and the LED controller project that I've written at mcscope/liteup. It has several algorithm visualizations and other ways of making beautiful blinking lights


Recently, a new LED strip specification, APA102, has been released which allows these strips to be driven by a general purpose CPU instead of a dedicated microcontroller. This allows us the luxury of controlling them with Python!

I'll teach you about how to get the the hardware, how to think about programming for lights and how to build anything from a psychedelic art installation to home lighting to an educational tool.

Programming with lights is awesome because you can SEE bugs with your eyes. I think the use of these LED's have great potential as a teaching tool because of the immediacy of the feedback.

LIVE hardware demos! See Quicksort in brilliant colors!

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