How to spend Forever

In 2013, after spending an entire weekend procrastinating, I decided to automate my freetime. I created an installation piece called "How to spend FOREVER". It's a selenium script that halfhartedly browses reddit, youtube and pornhub.

How to spend forever (so you can be free)

  • It goes to the reddit frontpage,

    • clicks on a few links,
    • stares at each for a minute or two,
    • Meh.
  • Then goes to youtube. -it watches a frontpage video for a bit,

    • then watches a related video, -meh.
    • Meh
  • Then goes to youporn.

    • Anything good there? -It watches porn for a few minutes.
    • Meh.
    • PornHub?
    • also meh
  • Back to reddit!

To run it, unzip this file and open it with the firefox plugin (Selenium IDE)[]. Load "HowToSpendForever", and press play. There, your internet browsing is being done for you!

Now you can be free, even from your own oppressive leisure. It's an installation piece cause you can set it up on any computer to make it into an installation of a time wasting human.

Download selenium files (zip)

PS This worked when I wrote it in 2013, some of these sites have changed since then, you might have to muck with it a bit to get it working again.