Banana Phone!

In Feb of 2014, I had to ride the BART train across the bay from Berkeley to San Francisco, EVERY DAY. I noticed that everyone riding the BART was looking at their phones for the whole ride. Their apple devices. Literally everyone. Even me!

I started looking at a banana instead.


The incredible thing is, I did this for 3 BART rides, for a total of 3 hours of performance. I stared at the banana the whole time, slowly stroking it's 'screen'. I 'listened' to the headphones plugged into it. Occassionally I'd turn it sideways, and look at it as a "landscape mode" banana.

I also "took selfies" with it. :-)

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ *BARELY ANYONE NOTICED ME!* ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

I saw just a small handful of people notice that I was looking at a Banana. Most of those that did, snapped pictures.

Here's two pictures from two people who saw me:

banana-phone-rear banana-phone-side

Amazingly, hundreds of people commuted next to me on my banana phone and never noticed.

Another thing I realized was that staring at one object the entire time was boring, and hurt my neck.

I think that's a good thing to remember. Looking at a small object in your hand all the time is boring, and hurts your neck.