3d Printing

Trapped Sponge

Using OpenSCAD, I made some programmatically generated sculptures. Here's one - a menger sponge spherical intersection trapped inside a tilted cube, on a base. It looks dope, but it's really tricky to print. I got close but never printed one perfectly.

Trapped Sponge Render

Trapped Sponge model

Trapped Sponge OpenSCAD file


I had a vision of humanity, visualized as a line of people descending from eachother, branching out fractally, but with their lines suddenly ending at their deaths. I could visualize this as a 3 dimensional shape in my head, so I tried to make it.

I wrote it as a OpenSCAD program that would generate the shapes and timelines of the human objects procedurally, using a random number generator. Each time you render the shape, it looks different! It's a cool example of OpenSCAD for that reason

Here's a sample render - Humans model Here's a view of me slicing a different render in Cura, preparing to print it. You can see the raft at the bottom, and some of the support structures in blue. Supports are needed because this sculpture has overhangs, and 3d printers can't start printing magically in the air, they need to build a scaffold.

Humans sliced

Humans OpenSCAD file

Humans - sample rendered model

Also, I printed/painted this model from thingiverse Star Destroyer

Most of this work was done in the spring and fall of 2015, prints are on a PrintrBot Simple Metal, designs are in OpenSCAD and sliced in Cura