In July of 2016, I made a museum inside of my partner Sophia's apartment.

Event Description:

Museum of Sophia is a pop-up museum that I'm creating in my friend Sophia's apartment. Think of it as mockuseum, installation art, an extended satire on museums and their way of knowledge, or just a laugh.

Museums are weird - they highlight some information, they ignore other information. they oversimplify, they make mistakes, they're biased, and cliched. Museum of Sophia is all of that and more.

It'll be held in a small apartment in the Piedmont neighborhood in Oakland. It's Sophia's real apartment. It's really only big enough for about 10 people at a time to be in it and not feel crowded, so depending on interest, we may have to do staggered arrival times.

We're gonna have the exhibit up for two nights so that as many people can see it as possible.

HOURS: 7-11 pm on July 9 and 10

I envisioned the Museum as having been the result of an excavation of Sophia's room, in the distant future.

The Museum played with all the tropes of real museums:

  • their artistic "recreations"

  • their Merch

  • their membership programs

  • their kids activities

  • and all other weirdness.

Entrance / Bed

There's a recreation of a person sleeping! You can hear the snooring and everything! bed mattress Lotsa helpful information on that mattress sign. Really helps you to get to know her


bathroom You could hear the sounds of falling water due to a clever 'recreation' of the shower.


An "Artist In Residence" left a note at the back of this messy closet??

closet closet_plaque

What's this burn?


Mismatched Mounds! (She hated this one :-)



artifacts artifacts2

Other Fun Signs

projected staff bench vandals firstlight


quiz quiz_answers quiz_answer2

Now, Push Those Memberships!!

members donations

Exit through the Gift Shop!!!! Lotsa Merch!

merch mug I have SO MANY of these mugs. There was a minimum order of like, 50!

Overall, this was one of my favorite projects. I put so much time and love into it, and it turned out awesome. Everyone who came liked it, especially Sophia's Mother, who laughed so, so, SO hard.