I made real, performant, and powerful APIs for my job.
For fun, I make silly APIs that do frivilous things. Enjoy!

List of stupid apis:
  • Protips Gives a single mangled life protip generated from reddit (GET). Please limit calls to 1 per 30 seconds
  • Unix Fortune Gives a unix fortune. pass l for long and o for offensive (GET)
  • Response Code Echo code as the response. Defaults to a random code! (Any HTTP Verb)
  • Random int! Random int 0-100
  • Mirror I'm running a web-server, but are you? This shows you what I see when I query you right back! Pass port=whatever to specifiy your port
  • CSRF Target A target for proof of concept CSRF attacks. Try to trick someone into posting to this address with payload=<whatever> and 'congratulations you just took action <whatever>' will be displayed to them